1. Indicate the name, nationality and complete address of applicant.

  2. Identify the trademark of interest. If the mark is composed by a design or if it is a design itself, or a combined mark (word and design) or a three-dimensional mark, a sample of same will be needed. 

  3. Indicate the complete date (day, month and year) of first use of the mark in Mexico , if any, or indicate that the mark has not been used yet.

  4. Specify the goods and/or services sought to be covered.

  5. Indicate the complete address of the establishment where the goods are or will be manufactured and/or commercialized, or the address of the establishment where the services are or will be rendered.

  6. A power of attorney duly executed by a legal representative of applicant. No notarization or legalization (or Apostille) is needed.

    In case that the power of attorney is granted by a corporation, it is necessary to mention in the power form the Corporate Resolution such as By Laws, Articles of Incorporation, Board of Directors Meeting or the like, whereby the officer signing the power document was given authority to grant powers of attorney or this power of attorney. Likewise, the document needs be signed by two witnesses, indicating their complete names and addresses. Also, the place and date of execution need be indicated in the power document.

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